you can’t pronounce their name, but you’ll want to be in their family.


yep,  the korbuszewski family.  if one of them was your teacher, you’d call them mr./mrs. k, just because all of those letters are confusing.  i call them joe and rachel.
joe and rachel have some pretty stellar kids, august and henry.

their shoot took place this past weekend, on a day in which we actually got some random hours of non-rain.  i wouldn’t say “sun”…nope…but, non-rain.  we took advantage of that and got out of the house for a walk to auggie’s school, played for a bit, and traipsed on back.  upon arriving back at the house, out came the guns, the music, the hot chocolate, the beer (the adults’ alternative to hot chocolate), and the inevitable dancing.  i’m going to choose to believe this was just another average day in the k house.

shoots like this are the reason i do what i do.  here are some photos for you to enjoy…(at one point, BBD’s “poison” was played…amongst other gems…if you need some music in your brain to go along with your photos of dancing.  you’re welcome.)

p.s. joe is one of the founders, and writers, of a pretty hilarious blog about tacoma, as well…if you live here, you should read it.  if you don’t live here, you should still read it.  you can find it here:

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