rain, rain, go away. but if you remain obstinate, we shall still play.

hello, sunday. (i know it’s not sunday, but, i intended to write this last night, so…there ya go.)

it was a long weekend.  a good one, but a long and tiring one.
yet again, i will keep the words here short, as i’m attempting to do many mom things today, and less business things.  i will likely be blogging before sunday comes around again, as i’ve had some photography things on my mind.

in any case, had another wonderful family shoot this week…this time with the dobson family.  their adorable daughter, olive, just turned 1 year old (today, actually…monday, not sunday.  do not be confused.) and they decided to get some family photos done to capture this time period with her.  so glad that they did.  despite washington being washington, and raining throughout the shoot, we still had a great time and got some great photos.  even outside IN. THE. RAIN.  yeah, you don’t scare me, skies.

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