The blogs about women were long. Real long.

For the sake of none of these women’s honest, heartfelt words and loving messages from their friends and family going unseen, I’m going to be posting each in a single blog every couple of days or so until I am able to finally get the teen session executed and up to share. So that you can take just five minutes and read one woman’s “story” and maybe find comfort in the way you can relate/understand/empathize/etc.

They will be in no particular order…drawing numbers 1-18.
Tonight’s number: #1.

I give you mona.
(mona’s story can also be found in Part 1 of the women’s blog posts:

mona’s words ~

“Ok, so I wanted to go with the standard too fat, and too old to have a four year old, but I decided to be a bit deeper and vulnerable.

Takes deep breath and here goes:

I’m afraid that one day, I will wake up and everyone that I deeply care about will have stopped loving me. That somehow I am secretly undeserving of their love and that they will realize I am not worth it and leave me.

Because of this, I work really hard to show everyone who I care about how much they mean to me. But no matter how secure I feel in my relationships (I have been with Scott for 20 years, good relationship with my mom, many of my friends go back decades), I still have that little seed of doubt that maybe I didn’t do enough, care enough, listen enough, give enough, etc. to deserve their love.

There you go. That was hard. 
Oh and I am fat and old.”

mona’s friends and family:

“My friend, Mona, has a LOT of amazing traits but I’d like to focus on what makes her uniquely Mona.
When I think of her I picture her in a black and grey super-hero cape adorned with a super sparkly, super flashy “J” for Justice. Her cape would perfectly match her black and white coordinated superhero outfit, complete with 3-inch heels. Her sense of justice for all is what drives her other wonderful qualities – her compassion, empathy, and kindness, helpfulness to all human beings, and her deep love and loyalty to her friends. She is the superhero that coordinates and pulls together to help all, but especially her friends in need. What draws people to her is her acceptance and her sense of community.
All of this pushes me to be a better friend to other people, and that will be her legacy. She drives people to be better because she is so good at being a friend. Mona puts much thought and care into her friendships and truly understands what it means to be a real friend. As a friend, she works so hard to build you up, to support you. She is so giving and loving, and always has your back.
To sum it up, our Justice superhero is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Her support has helped carry me through these last 4 years and I am so grateful that I get to call a beautiful (inside and out) woman like her my friend.” – noelle

“Mona: *Gives more of herself to others than any person I know
 *has an astounding capability to keep track of all the loved ones in her life – and knows exactly when to check in to celebrate a happy time or make a bad time feel better 
*is devoted to guiding her daughter into strong womanhood
 *is not afraid to say what needs to be said 
*is just a damn good friend.” – sara

“I’ve known Mona since high school… um she is an incurable spaz, seriously have never known anyone as erratic and off the cuff as she is. It’s the most beautiful thing ever!! She would bake you brownies, organize your yard sale and take a bullet for you, tirelessly!!” – andrea

“Strengths: Passion, Determination, Beauty, Brains, Compassion.” – wendy

“I admire Ramona for so many of her positive traits, but I would have to say her tenacity, wit and loyalty are among the very top of that list.” – lisa

“Mona has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. She is first to help anyone in need. She is one of those rare people who is beautiful inside and out. The definition of the word friend. Loyal even if it hurts her.” – ally

“What can I say about Ramona? I have known her all her life, maybe this due to the fact I am her Mom. She has always made me very proud of her and she still does.
Ramona is the type of person you would like to have in your corner. She is very kind, considerate, helpful, etc. She will help you selflessly, give you a shoulder to cry on, be your ally through thick and thin. When you need a friend, you can count on Ramona.
When you need help with anything, you can count on Ramona. The only thing she will ever ask for in return, play it straight with her.
I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.
I feel very blessed that she is my daughter and I love her very much.” – sylvia

“Can light up a room with her smile.
Constantly re-invents herself.
Truly cares about her friends and family and will do anything for them.
Fantastic mother & wife.
Great role model.
Super compassionate.
She always makes you feel good.
My perfect balance – “she completes me.”” – scott

the original blogs (with backstory) can be found here:


  1. Mona · March 21, 2013

    This was so difficult for me to do. I thought it would be easy and then, day of, I almost chickened out. How could I sit in a room full of people I didn’t know and share my biggest insecurity? At the last minute, I asked my friend who was local to join me for support and to also keep me on the hook for going.

    It was so hard to do and I cried. Hard (note the smeared makeup). I was also first since I had to leave early so it was new and uncomfortable.

    As soon as I said the words out loud, it was like 20 years of being embarrassed and insecure about this went away. It was lifted off me and I was forced to face it. I said my fear-outloud. And guess what, I wasn’t judged. I was supported by the women that night and by my family.

    I encourage everyone to do a project like this. It is something now that I no longer think about and it has opened me up to allowing more people to see the vulnerable side of me.

    Alana is a genius with a huge heart. And she is an AMAZING photographer

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