it’s all in a name. help?!

So, I’ve been brainstorming.

It’s sorta getting me nowhere.

Here’s my dilemma…I have big ideas regarding the women’s insecurities photo project. Probably bigger ideas than I should even think to have. But, I have them anyway. And some of those ideas shall take flight and become something…I feel it.

The problem: I need a name for the project.

Until this point, I have been calling it “the women’s project” because, quite simply, that’s what it is…but, it’s going to become more than that. I mean, in a matter of weeks it will also be the teen girls’ project. So…what is a name that encompasses all of what it’s about (insecurities/affirmations/anti-bullying/anti-cattiness/positive-thinking/beauty-within)???
I’m putting this out there to you all because you have cared enough to read about the project and many of you have written me because it has touched you somehow. I totally trust that you can help me. ??

Whatever the name becomes, it needs to be…




And, just so you know, I have thought of “the beautiful you project” and “the beautiful me project” – both of which seem to be taken. “the YOUnique project” also is, though, the second that came into my head, I grimaced. I’m not a fan of puns…yeah, I’m THAT girl. And my boyfriend loves me despite of that, thank goodness. 🙂

Another one that bounces around…”the undeniably you project”.

Yeah, I don’t know. That is why I’m putting it out there to you all. Help??? Please??? I’d superduper appreciate it.

Maybe I should eat some food. Or drink some beer. Maybe that will help. Well, I will also do those things, but meanwhile, I’d love your input…


  1. the_lunatic · March 22, 2013

    I’m horrible with these things … but I’ll just throw words out there: reflections, honesty, truth. Hmm, I’ll keep it in mind. Those are just words I equate with your project 🙂

    • alanatphotography · March 22, 2013

      that totally helps! thank you!
      I have some friends who were just helping me out on facebook and one of the options was “mirror mirror”, which I’m sort of drawn to…
      I’m going to write your words down in my ACTUAL PAPER NOTEBOOK and keep the ideas coming. thanks again!!!

      • the_lunatic · March 23, 2013

        Ooooh, Mirror Mirror is fab!

  2. wordswithnannaprawn · March 22, 2013

    How about the name of someone that embodies empowerment, the ‘Goddess Within’ idea, so maybe one of the Greeks or Anglos (Hecate, Athena, Boudicca – though they are more associated with female warriors obviously and it depends what mood you want to convey), Pygmalion symbolises man’s need to fashion the ‘perfect’ un-realistic woman from clay, but doesn’t entirely reflect how much pressure women themselves put on each other, that being said maybe you can find inspiration in Ovid and the myths that will lead you to something with, as Homer always says, ‘winged words’ 🙂

  3. El Jefe Tacoma · March 22, 2013

    How about “You Look Good” ?

  4. lori · March 22, 2013

    i think mirror, mirror is an awesome name because your project is about seeing ourselves through 2 different mirrors, our own usually skewed mirror, and then the truer one of the people who love us. this is such a cool project.

  5. Moniba · March 23, 2013

    Mirror mirror is a great option! Urm I was thinking… the femme phenomena? But that’s not very simple… Or you could just call it the woman imagery.. I dunno. I’m not very good at this.. *sheepish*

  6. Mona · March 23, 2013

    Mirror Mirror for the Win.

  7. alanatphotography · March 24, 2013

    thank you all for your great suggestions!!!
    still possibly trying to work with the mirror/mirror suggestion…and even tossing around still keeping it called “the women’s project”. lemme just tell you that even the simplest of names are all taken already. 😦 been kind of a bummer deal, but we will get there!!!

    • Susie · April 11, 2013

      Hi Alana, just talked to you on the phone tonight and heard about this for the first time. I’m so excited to visit your blog and learn more about it! I’m fascinated by this for so many reasons…because I’m a mom of two daughters, because I’m a teacher, because I’m a woman, because I’ve seen too many mean girls hurt others because they probably don’t like themselves very much (or maybe they like themselves way too much…I’ve never been able to decide for sure), because it’s a brilliant idea…anyway, a name that popped into my head at first was “The Real You.”. But I gotta say Mirror Mirror has a ring to it…it conveys that we’re always looking for that conformation.

      So great to “meet” you tonight, and I’m thrilled that our daughters have found a friend in each other!

      • alanatphotography · April 12, 2013

        Thank you, Susie! It was awesome talking to you. Can’t wait to meet you in person now! And I’m excited for the girls to hang tonight. 🙂
        Thank you for your suggestion! I like it! I’m still thinking them all over…So far, I keep calling it The Women’s Project, which may stick, but I’m still hesitating. Hoping to figure something out this weekend!!! “The Real You” is definitely a contender!
        Thanks for taking the time to check the project out…lemme know if you ever have any other suggestions about any of the project in general! 🙂

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