I’m sorry there has been such a pause in getting these individual posts out! Been busybusybusy lately, because the teen version of this shoot is set to happen TOMORROW NIGHT! Been rounding up information for it and working out the flow of the evening. Cannot wait for this one. So, look for it! Coming soon.

Anyway…back to these lovely women…

The blogs about women were long. Real long.

For the sake of none of these women’s honest, heartfelt words and loving messages from their friends and family going unseen, I’m going to be posting each in a single blog every couple of days or so until I am able to finally get the teen session executed and up to share. So that you can take just five minutes and read one woman’s “story” and maybe find comfort in the way you can relate/understand/empathize/etc.

They will be in no particular order…drawing numbers 1-18.
Tonight’s number: #7.

I give you jennie.
(jennie’s story can also be found in Part 1 of the women’s blog posts:
jennie’s words ~
“I would have to say that the insecurity that plagues me the most is my skin. For such a long time I have been battling acne scars, eczema, and very irritable skin. As I have grown older things have gotten better, but I still feel the need to hide in my clam shell whenever my skin breaks out.”

jennie’s friends and family:

“Alright, so she and I have been friends since the last day of high school. We met through a mutual friend and both decided she was crazy and we needed to be friends. She’s my hetero life mate. She’s always been so real with me. Even though it pisses me off sometimes, she always gives the best advice. After talking to her, I always feel like I have a way better grip on reality and what to do in any situation I’m in. She has the best family ever, and if you know her and her parents, you realize why she is the way she is. She cares way too much for others… sometimes to the point where it becomes a problem because she’s trying make everyone happy when everyone’s already happy. But she only means well. She’s so personable and can talk to anyone. She’s one of those people that becomes friends with my boyfriends and if I have to leave to go to work or something, she will stay and chill. She’s always been there for me through thick and thin, and in ways that other people could never think of being. I found out that my 5 year old cousin was killed when I was with her and a boyfriend of mine. I left to go on a drive for a while and then go see my mom. When I got back they had made me the most delicious cake that was totally me. It was black and white stripey Oreo Pie cake with a quote I used to say all the time: “Look at me go.” They fucked it up, even, but it was better than it should have been. It was the perfect idea to help me feel a little better, and to remember to laugh and be positive in a time where you can’t even think about it. She the man!” – kt

“What can I say, Jen is my soulmate of best friends and a hero to me. She probably doesn’t know, or realize it, but she’s saved my life a time or two. From the very beginning, at a time my life had so much darkness, she shined a light right through it, the day we became bf’s. It’s been nearly 14 years (I think) since that day and I thank God for every moment and memory I have with her.
I don’t know if anyone else (other than Jim- cause he just knows everything) knows the triumphs Jennie has had over her insecurities like I do, to be honest. I think when Jen and I became friends, she was probably her most insecure self. And although Jen is the same beautiful, kind, and funny girl that she was 14 years ago, she’s not the same girl I met – she’s so much more than that girl. She’s so full of life, when she laughs…I mean really laughs… you can see, hear, and feel how the world values someone like her.
The honesty Jennie has towards herself as to who she is as a person portrays so much about how she treats others and who she allows to have in her life. Her morals, dignity, compassion, and unconditional love are qualities most people strive to have. As an example, watching Jennie grow as a woman – all that she has accomplished and overcome in such a spiritual way, how she applies and lives out all that she has learned and still learning till this day – allows me to put her so high up on a pedestal in my life…that when I look into my daughter’s eyes, and think about all that I wish for her life and for her to be, not only do I think of her father and I… but I think of Jennie and who she is, and hope that my daughter will live and love in the aspiring way that Jennie has.
I have so much more I could say about her, but knowing my Jennie, she already knows how much I love her and all the things I love about her. And she’s not a person who doesn’t love herself or lets insecurities get in the way of that… My Jen has confidence, and those that don’t have confidence in her or think she has too much confidence generally get a real sophisticated fuck you… so I will end with this comment…
I think the only down fall Jennie has is that she doesn’t realize how truly special she is to people and how much she makes a difference in their lives. And now I will address Jen- “Jen, you’re not just another person in this world, you’re an inspiration- a movement-a statement to this world, and we desperately need more people like you… so with that said, my love, don’t stop with just inspiring me – get out there and inspire others.
Love always,
Sami aka “Yoshi”” – samantha

“My sister Jennie is a lot of amazing things…She is the Best friend that a person could ask for. She is caring and kind and always there when you need her. One of the things I love about her is her views on life…She is very realistic about things, and very honest about what she feels, and I love that! She is a very positive & real person!” – shellie

the original blogs (with backstory) can be found here:

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