watch! watch! watch! be voyeuristic. why not…

Just in case you are not following the Women: Raw. Honest. Loved. Project page on Facebook (if you’re not, you should be…I am wayyyyyyyyy better about doing little blips on there than I am about this blogging bit……I started something new.

People have blown me away with their feedback about the project…observers who have read about it and are kind enough to share their feelings about it with me.
So, I decided that you all should at least be able to be a fly on the wall for some of the evenings we’ve shared thus far.  Really get the feeling, as much as possible without being there, of what being in a group is about.
So, I’m putting out mini video clips, when I can get to them.  Little bites of video to give you more of a taste of the project.

There are two mini clips so far, and one montage of sorts of the original group, which I have posted in the past.
I hope you enjoy.

(All video credit goes to the super talented Rhiannon Brunett)

Jamey from Alana Tamminga on Vimeo.

women: raw.honest.loved. the power of words – sylvia k. edition. from Alana Tamminga on Vimeo.

women: raw. honest. loved. from Alana Tamminga on Vimeo.

(p.s. I’m real disappointed that I didn’t realize how to bestow the HD goodness on this last one before I posted it on vimeo…the quality is not as beautiful as Rhi shot it…but, it’s all captured, nonetheless)