women’s project – ‘real world’ style.

aw jeez.  I haven’t posted since August.

Honestly, I’m not even going to say anything besides 1) my life is sorta crazy busy, and 2) there will be more posts in the nearER future than how long this one has taken me.
Promise.  There is a lot going on, both photography-wise and project-wise.

Anyway, this post has a specific reason.
It’s been eight months since our first group got together for the Women: Raw.Honest.Loved. Project.
It was decided that we needed to have a little reunion.
Ten out of the sixteen women whom were present last time were able to be present this time.

We had lots of fun.
There was also a lot of sharing about how our thoughts/actions/families/lives have been affected since that night.  We talked both as a group and individually, all reality show “confessional” style.  And it made for some really great material…which I hope to be able to share with you soon.

It also made for some really dumb (read: awesome) b-roll, which I will share with you now.

Okay, so, for now I will leave you with this.
Look for near future photography blogs and project blogs.  Group 5 is set to take place the evening of November 10th!  WOOOOOOP!!!!!

group 1 reunion. confessional b-roll.  (for some reason i cannot remember for the life of me how to embed the video…so, click that link.  it’s only five minutes.  just do it.)

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