the day I totally had a face for radio.

Hey all!

Here’s a little update for you: things are awesome.

We have Group 6 of the Women: Raw. Honest. Loved. Project in the works…set to take place at the end of January, after all the holiday craziness. Super excited about that!

There are some things that could take place for the project that are too new to mention, but have me a little tingly with anticipation. Those sorts of things that you just kind of leave up to the universe to take care of…if this stuff works out, it works out. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But, the ride is fun, regardless. I know, so vague. You’ll just have to deal with it at this moment.

I was SUPER busy the last six months with photography in general, and am totally slacking (as usual) in sharing that stuff with you.  I plan to get some of those blogs under control and posted here soon.

I will also be rereleasing ladies’ stories from the project individually.  I hope to do this at least once a week.  Look for that soon.

Also, I took part in a little local radio show recently! They asked me to come on and talk about the project – it was a lovely opportunity to have a platform in which to actually vocalize some things about it, instead of writingwritingwriting for a change. You can listen to that here if you’d like. Discussion about the project starts about halfway in.
This was also only part 1 of 3 radio shows about the project that I will be taking part in. Yay!

So, yeah, things are cool. I hope things are ridiculously awesome for you, too.

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