*EDITED* another day that I had a face for radio…

We just returned from taking the Raw.Honest.Loved.Project to a group of amazing teens in Decorah, Iowa and I’m still recovering emotionally from the whole thing. The photos are up on the project’s Facebook page. The blog will be up here when I can get all of my thoughts and feelings wrapped up into something that makes sense.

For now, however, I can share with you a LIVE interview that went underway this morning with Iowa Public Radio.  Becca, from our Decorah Teen Group, joins me on the program. Becca is the reason that this project went to Iowa in the first place. Listen in and see why. And ignore my various “um”s.

LISTEN TO THE PROGRAM HERE: http://iowapublicradio.org/post/building-self-esteem-through-photography

Building Self-Esteem through Photography

Rebecca Haars

Rebecca Haars

Students at Decorah High School have lost friends in recent years, some to accidents, some to suicide. Senior Rebecca Haars saw that her fellow students were hurting and vulnerable, so she decided to do something to help. She brought the Raw. Honest. Loved.project to Decorah.

On this Talk of Iowa segment, host Charity Nebbe talks with Haars and Alana Tamminga, the woman behind this powerful project.

Tamminga says that the Decorah teen group taught her some things as well, and she hopes this session helped them work through their insecurities.

“They have so much to offer,” Tamminga says. “We could see ourselves in them. We lived it, we were feeling that way in high school too; we’ve felt it since then.”

“So I’m just hoping for them, that they don’t [carry their insecurity] as much as we did. This is something that maybe they can quash now and know that they are absolutely good enough, to hold their heads high.”


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