i love your photos, but your grammar really sucks.

heads-up: this is not about photography, but it will really help me out if you read it.

so, i am sort of a grammar nazi, for lack of a better term.

i am a stickler about apostrophes…so much so that i own this shirt…

 yeah.  apostrophes do not make plurals.  and so on and so forth.

i also hate spelling errors.  if you’re on the computer already, do a spellcheck or look a word up before you post it somewhere, you know?  sorry.  that’s just how i feel.

buuuuuuut, i use a lot of these “…” and i overuse and underuse the dreaded comma.  i’ve forgotten everything i ever learned about the comma.  i really believe this to be true.

and i sometimes make my own words up.

and i start sentences with “but” and “and” and “because”.

however, none of that is what i’m talking about here.  i’m talking about my apparent hatred for capitalization.  i don’t capitalize things, have you noticed?  no?  cool.
really, it’s become a thing.  i haven’t been able to stop myself.
i recently had a complaint regarding this, though, and it came from within my own family.  my BOYFRIEND, to be specific.  he said he has a hard time reading my stuff because of my constantly writing in lowercase letters.  yup.
so, this has made me think twice.  sure, it’s become a thing, but i do not believe it to be a thing that i cannot change.  do you need me to change it?  this is one instance in which i truly need your responses.  if you have a hard time reading my posts due to my weird affinity for the lowercase, please let me know.  or, if it’s not a problem, you can let me know that.  i’ll go with the majority.  i mean, i don’t want to be unprofessional or anything…
you can reply on facebook, if you like.  does it suck to reply on here?  i should know that, too.  because i may have things set up weird..?

of course, if my lowercase writing bothers you, you probably haven’t read this.  shoot…now what…