his slogan is better than your slogan. and mine. (damn him.)

so, i’ve been really obsessed with branding lately.  as in, branding myself.  not like a cow, but like a business.
attempting to get my website ready for launch, doing this, coming up with packaging ideas, and thinking about logos and such.

anyway, in my “off time” (there is never “off time” for my brain when it comes to my business), my guy and i went out for a beer or three.  suddenly, he says to me, “i thought of a slogan for you…(big pause)…i really can’t believe you haven’t thought of it yourself…”
now, i ask, what sort of response am i supposed to have to THAT?  instantly, i thought, ‘don’t get ahead of yourself, dude, just ’cause you thought of something doesn’t mean i’m gonna like it’.  (’cause i’m stubborn like that.)
how wrong i was.
i ask him what it is.
he says, “pictures of you.”
yeah.  that’s it.  pictures of you.  or, if i need to be a little more specific, pictures of you.
why is this brilliant?  a few reasons.
1) it’s simple.  i’m simple.  perfect.
2) that’s what i love!  pictures of YOU!!!  you being YOU!  not you being posed.  not you being glamourous.  you being the awesome, quirky, hilarious, sentimental, nurturing, whateveryouare YOU.  my photography is about YOU.
3) “pictures of you” (by the cure) is my favorite song in the whole entire world.  if you know me at all, you know that.

yeah, not only do i love it, but, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!?!

i love that guy. even if he doesn’t like my lowercase writing.

p.s. now you shall be prepared to see this on all branding of mine.  there ya go.